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US: +1 651-246-8988 | INDIA: +91 080 41234927

Design Your Own Future!

Take the FREE assessment to discover your career path

Welcome to Gen Next Education’s Blueprint for Success career assessment tool.

We are excited to support you in taking your first step towards your future.

Decisions you make now can have a profound impact on your future. And any decision you make without the right information is essentially guess-work. Our scientifically-based assessment can help fill critical gaps in information, support informed decision-making and will help you (and your family and teachers) better understand your strengths and interests.

Our assessment, best suited for students in grades 8 – 12 provides includes:

  • a career matchmaker assessment

  • a skills assessment

  • a learning styles inventory

  • an individual portfolio

Ultimately, the aim is for you to build self-awareness, explore options, create a plan, and bring the plan into action.

As you complete the assessment, you will begin to understand what motivates you consciously and what your strengths and skills are. This will allow you to find appealing career options, explore higher education institutions, and help you find a career path unique to your interests.

After you have completed the assessment, schedule a session with one of our advisors and they will personally guide you to explore more options, create a plan, and bring it into action.

We wish you the best of luck for a successful future!

Follow these instructions carefully to complete the FREE assessment.


1. Click on the ASSESSMENT button below

2. The site will ask you for a username and password:

Username: gennext

Password: careers

3. Click “Log In to My Plan” and select “Create My Plan

4. Enter your Information in “My Information” and “Choose Your Login” as follows:

Username: [first initial]-[last name]

e.g.: Virat Kohli will use username: V-Kohli

5. Create a password and click on “Create My Plan” to create your account.

6. Click “Assessments” at the top of the main page.

7. Select “Start Matchmaker” and complete this career matching assessment.

8. Discuss your results with your parents/teachers and enroll in the Blueprint for Success program for comprehensive college and career preparation.

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